1. Stay
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Justine Vandergrift releases a Stay to announce her fourth album. Stay is a soulful Canadiana alternative country roots song about the strength and honesty it takes to leave the uncongenial and move forward. It was partially funded by the City of Calgary arts development and recorded at OCL Studios in Calgary, Alberta and geared towards CBC radio, alternative & country radio listeners.



Take your heart
Like a drink off a tray
Play the part
Cause we wrote it that way
Every year that goes by
Doesn’t change the way it feels

I’m alright
With the highs and the lows
In a place
Only you and I know
But I’m through
Waiting round for a better kind of you

If you wanna go on hiding from yourself
Would you be so kind take me off your shelf?
In times like these you turn and walk the other way
Until you find something that makes you wanna stay

Play for keeps
Or don’t play it at all
Why’d you cheat
When you’re just gonna fold
But I don’t care, I don’t care
About the games you’re playing now

I’m on fire
But I can’t be burned again
This desire’s
Got me spinning
Moving on
Finally knowing how much I gave to you